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Inside the Music there is Friction

2 piano etude experiment.
Music has 2 fundamental types of friction, sound and silence. Both happen while playing music, but the silent friction is not audible.
It is what we FEEL, after we hear and physically feel the sonic frictions. This separation of sound and silence is Friction, a divide in TIME.
So I wrote this 2-piano etude experiment to demonstrate what music would sound like if we heard the "gaps" between silence and sound.
The rhythm is based upon math equations that shift their possibilities and reveal these gaps.
Also, the sonic choices for these rhythms are laid on top of the rhythm(s), not conceived with the rhythm, so the structure of "the gap" is maintained in the resulting aesthetics of the composition.
The result?...pretty much the intended "mess"
I find that to be quite an amusing, cosmic joke, simultaneously dark and sinister, while reassuringly resilient.
Friction, where anything can happen.

Fugue in D major, WTC Bk I. No 5
The father of classical music, JS BACH discovered the 2-D version of the friction which we know today as the well tempered Clavier.
Here's a sample of Bach's genius and scientific research.

Brahms, Mortal Friction, and Schrodinger's cat.
With Brahms we get 3-D friction in music.

Sometimes we get "aesthetic friction" where the composer creates joy for the heart at the expense of the ears.
Here is my quaint animation of the opening tone Row for Schoenberg's Suite for piano Opus 25

We Can watch some of Bach's genius from the Fugue animation above, but to listen to one of Bach's Fugues in REVERSE.....tells us quite a lot about the nature of frcition. I re-wrote Bach's Fugue in a minor, No. XX--WTC BK. I.--Initially I tried to read the score backwards, but after 15 minutes of that I stood up and almost fell over because I was so dizzy from that attempt. So, instead, I re-wrote the order of the notes in reverse, not changing a thing, just going from the END to the START.
It's a completely different compostion, and takes a different amount of time!